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Posted by on Dec 2, 2016 in Art of Packing, Move Out | 0 comments

The Art of Packing Hangers for a Successful Move

The Art of Packing Hangers for a Successful Move

Everybody will agree that it is a difficult job to move house. When the best and the most experienced Dallas movers are there to help you out, things becomes easier. However, with some moving tips at hand, you can make the process all the more seamless and in fact help the movers to help you better.

Hangers might seem insignificant things, but some people do get into a big mess trying to pack them properly. Here is a helpful guideline for packing hangers properly for your move.

Before you pack

Improper packing may lead to damaged or broken hangers, scratched surfaces in wardrobes, ruined or torn clothes as well as more expenses with regards to storage space. So, the very first thing for you to decide is whether you need to carry those hangers with you or you can simply leave them back. In case you decide not to take your hangers to your new home, it won’t be a great loss, since hangers are usually made of plastic or wood and are inexpensive.

If you do not want to part with your designer or high quality hangers, there is nothing wrong. However, choose the ones that have no wear and tear signs. You can always buy new fashionable ones.

Even if you know the art of packing hangers or have the best Dallas movers beside you, you might often find that packing these items is not worth the time or effort. You can give it away to neighbors or friends who would love to have them or even donate to dry cleaners. They would readily use wire hangers.

The process of packing

It is best to pack clothes hangers in wardrobe boxes, which are special cardboard cartons, where you can place hangers intact along with the clothes. Wardrobe boxes are great for such kind of transportation because they are tailored for carrying clothes. This makes room for fast packing and also offers effective protection.

Alternatively, you can also stack and wrap hangers. Separate the hangers that you have decided to carry on the basis of material and size. Wooden and plastic hangers should be packed separately from wire hangers. Stack them in bundles (around 10) and tie with rubber bands, wire twists or cable ties. Once you are done with stacking and wrapping, cover everything with an old bed sheet.

Avoid the wrong ways

While preparing for a move, many feel like simply leaving the hangers in the clothing wardrobe. But, if you do this, the hangers will have enough movement space inside the wardrobe, and hence there are high chances that the bottom of the wardrobe will get scratched. A particular side might also get damaged.

Also, refrain from throwing your hangers just like that in a cardboard box, however, convenient and fast it might seem to be. Clothes hangers have the tendency to get intertwined with each other and in the process they often break or become out of shape. Moreover, you will also waste a whole storage place in this way.

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