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How to Prepare for Sale of Furniture prior to a Move Out?

How to Prepare for Sale of Furniture prior to a Move Out?

Are you excited about the idea of moving and have already started searching for the most suitable Dallas movers? In case you are thinking of decorating and furnishing your new home in a new style, by including some newer design of furniture that matches your taste and style, it would be good to sell off your old furniture.This will benefit you in three ways. First of all you will save yourself from the difficult task of getting pieces of furniture shifted, with high chances of being damaged. Secondly, you do not have to pay that part of the transportation costs if you are hiring movers. Thirdly, as you make your journey towards a new destination, you will carry some extra bucks in your pocket obtained from selling of furniture.

Arriving at the correct price You should get a proper idea regarding the value of your furniture. For almost every item, the value is determined by the manufacturer or brand, how much the furniture is in demand, how must similar items cost in the market, and the present condition of the item. Whatever be the purchasing amount of a particular item, you might not be capable of selling it for the price you want, specifically if the item has some damages. Keep in mind that if there are any stains, scratches or signs of wear and tear, the market value of the furniture would come down. Moreover, if the colors have faded somewhere, that would also diminish the value. Hence, if you are thinking of selling an expensive piece of furniture, the best thing is to get it cleaned and restored. People would be ready to pay a lump sum for such restored furniture.

Choosing the most appropriate way for selling used furniture

Before the Dallas movers arrive at your place and assist in the move, you have a number of options for appropriate selling of old furniture that would also bring in good money. Arranging a yard sale is one of the most feasible approaches. It is very effective as well as convenient, but the only thing is that you need to reserve adequate time for the same.

In fact, you can make the most of a yard sale and highlight your other household items as well that you would not be using in future. However, you must ensure that the sale is promoted efficiently in social networks, local newspapers, and other places.

Alternatively, the web world is also a great place to sale your furniture. This takes lesser amount of time compared to the yard sale, but you need to develop appealing online ads by including a number of snaps of each item, with description and other relevant details.

In case you have too much of a time crunch, you can readily contact a dealer of used furniture, but in that case, you would have to be satisfied with a lower price. You may also consider selling to your friends or relatives, but that too will not bring in good amount of money, and you know the obvious reasons.

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Make Your Move Easier by Obtaining a Free Quote

Make Your Move Easier by Obtaining a Free Quote

As soon as you finalize your new place and start planning for the move, the clock perhaps starts ticking faster. A time finally comes when only a few days are left for the move. There are a lot of questions that keep coming to your mind and one of the most important among these questions is the amount that the move will cost. Naturally you try to find out the most appropriate answer, more so when you ponder over whether to move on your own or call the expert Dallas movers.

The exact expenses of your relocation are very hard to calculate in advance since a number of factors that are constantly changing come into play. These have a great impact on the relocation bill, both during the preparations, and even on the moving day. There can be a number of situations leading to alterations in previously decided conditions- to complete a particular job, an additional service might be required or you might find a service that the movers have decided to provide suddenly becoming useless. That is the main reason why you need an estimate which is in fact an advance calculation of the probable moving costs.

Now, the point is what are the most effective ways to obtain moving quotes free of cost? Here are two major routes to get free moving estimates, if you are planning a move to a different area of the country.

Fill out a moving estimate free of cost


This is in fact the most convenient and quickest means to receive a free moving quote. You are just required to fill out a form with all the details, a process that will take only a couple of minutes. The details that are usually needed include the ZIP code of the current city or town you are residing in, the state or the city you are moving to, the date when you are planning to move, whether you want any vehicle to be shipped, and your property size. At the end you have to provide your contact details, and that’s all. You would definitely agree that it is very easy and quick.

Once the moving quote is filled out, you may expect insured, licensed and reliable Dallas movers to get in touch with you expressing their eagerness to discuss further about the moving details. This is the point of time when it becomes your responsibility to ask for an in-house survey by one of their representatives and a subsequent estimate. Getting the correct estimate will become easier once on-site inspection is done and the movers get a clear idea of the items to be moved. Show every item to the representative and ask for a proper estimate.

Ask for a free quote from a particular mover


You may also search for an appropriate moving company on your own. This method is somewhat more time consuming since you need to go for some online research, browsing through ratings and testimonials, as well as checking the licensing details of the concerned movers. When you have shortlisted some movers, get in touch with them for free estimates. Choose the one that best suits what you need.

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The Art of Packing Hangers for a Successful Move

The Art of Packing Hangers for a Successful Move

Everybody will agree that it is a difficult job to move house. When the best and the most experienced Dallas movers are there to help you out, things becomes easier. However, with some moving tips at hand, you can make the process all the more seamless and in fact help the movers to help you better.

Hangers might seem insignificant things, but some people do get into a big mess trying to pack them properly. Here is a helpful guideline for packing hangers properly for your move.

Before you pack

Improper packing may lead to damaged or broken hangers, scratched surfaces in wardrobes, ruined or torn clothes as well as more expenses with regards to storage space. So, the very first thing for you to decide is whether you need to carry those hangers with you or you can simply leave them back. In case you decide not to take your hangers to your new home, it won’t be a great loss, since hangers are usually made of plastic or wood and are inexpensive.

If you do not want to part with your designer or high quality hangers, there is nothing wrong. However, choose the ones that have no wear and tear signs. You can always buy new fashionable ones.

Even if you know the art of packing hangers or have the best Dallas movers beside you, you might often find that packing these items is not worth the time or effort. You can give it away to neighbors or friends who would love to have them or even donate to dry cleaners. They would readily use wire hangers.

The process of packing

It is best to pack clothes hangers in wardrobe boxes, which are special cardboard cartons, where you can place hangers intact along with the clothes. Wardrobe boxes are great for such kind of transportation because they are tailored for carrying clothes. This makes room for fast packing and also offers effective protection.

Alternatively, you can also stack and wrap hangers. Separate the hangers that you have decided to carry on the basis of material and size. Wooden and plastic hangers should be packed separately from wire hangers. Stack them in bundles (around 10) and tie with rubber bands, wire twists or cable ties. Once you are done with stacking and wrapping, cover everything with an old bed sheet.

Avoid the wrong ways

While preparing for a move, many feel like simply leaving the hangers in the clothing wardrobe. But, if you do this, the hangers will have enough movement space inside the wardrobe, and hence there are high chances that the bottom of the wardrobe will get scratched. A particular side might also get damaged.

Also, refrain from throwing your hangers just like that in a cardboard box, however, convenient and fast it might seem to be. Clothes hangers have the tendency to get intertwined with each other and in the process they often break or become out of shape. Moreover, you will also waste a whole storage place in this way.

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Moving Company Paperwork Required for a Move

Moving Company Paperwork Required for a Move

 Packing is perhaps the most important task to be undertaken for a move. But there is another one- getting all the paperwork ready when you are appointing a moving company. In order to have a smooth move, you need to be careful about certain documents which are given to you. Here is a list of the important documents.

Moving Estimate

A non-binding or binding estimate is the most initial documentation that you should obtain from the relocation company which would be working with you. Established Dallas movers will give you the estimate only after in-house survey and appropriate inspection. It is advisable not to accept estimates that are offered over email or phone.

The initial document that you obtain should lucidly reveal the estimate type, the final amount as calculated on the basis of survey, the extra services that the client prefers or which are required to complete the entire moving process successfully, along with their charges.

Order of Service

If you are okay with the terms and conditions of the company as well as the quoted price, get in touch with the company and inform about your interest in hiring them. When that is done, an order of service would soon come to you, which acts as the moving contract.

The order of service will have a lot of important details including the pick-up and delivery date, the price to be paid which should be in line with that with the estimate, cancellation terms and conditions if any, insurance options, moving vehicle type, associated services and any other additional terms as applicable.

You need to sign the order of service as a token of agreement but before that it is extremely essential to go through it very carefully. In case there is something that you do not agree to, refrain from signing the document but discuss the issue with the company.

Bill of Lading

This is yet another document which is considered to be very important in case of a move. It would be good to know that the bill of lading should in every way match the order of service. You get this document on the moving day from the movers. Prior to the move, you need to agree to the terms and conditions laid in this document and sign it.

It is true that preparing for a move makes you very busy, but still it would be wise to spend some time comparing the details in the bill of lading and the order of service. You should be very careful regarding the listed charges, since that is the area where most discrepancies are likely to occur. If you note any kind of discrepancy, clarify the reason from your Dallas movers.

Home Inventory Sheetscom0455-summary-icon-100x100

This document has an important role to play on both the move out and the move in day. The inventory sheet is in fact a form that lists all your household items which the movers are entitled to transport. As items are loaded in the moving truck, they are checked against this sheet and noted as loaded. Again, when all the items are transported to your new place, you need to sign the sheet indicating successful delivery of all items.

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